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Reporting Requirements

Feedback from grantees on the results of their grants helps us to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of our grantmaking and ensure accountability.  Written narrative and financial reports must be submitted at the end of the grant period (the specific due date is included in the grant award letter).  Please address the following in the narrative and financial reports, as applicable:

  • List the goals and objectives from the grant proposal you submitted to the Fund and describe your progress in reaching them. If any goals and objectives were not met, please provide an explanation.
  • Challenges encountered during the project, lessons learned, and any adjustments made to the original project plans.
  • Any partners added to the project.
  • Plans for continuing the project.
  • Project evaluation results.
  • Significant organizational changes (e.g., changes in leadership, Board composition, staffing, office location, tax status, etc.).
  • List of financial sources of support secured for this project.
  • Financial summary listing revenue and expenses for the entire project (not just the portion funded by the Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund) during the grant period.
  • Any additional information requested by the Fund during the grant period.

Multi-year Grants

Interim reports for multi-year grants are generally required 11-12 months after each installment payment is sent (the specific due dates are included in the grant award letter).  Subsequent payments of a multi-year grant are contingent on the Fund’s approval of interim reports.  A final report is due at the completion of the grant period.  Please follow the guidelines listed above when submitting interim and final reports.

Guidelines for Submitting Reports

  • Submit reports separately from and prior to requesting renewed or other funding.
  • Do not bind or place reports in folders.
  • Please contact the Fund if you have any questions regarding the reporting process.
  • Reports may be submitted via email to grantsmanager@ldgfund.org (preferred) or by regular mail to:

Executive and Grants Assistant
Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund
1 Montgomery Street, Suite 3440
San Francisco, CA 94104